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A Beacon For Craft Cannabis In The Green Mountain State

Polestar Cannabis is a team of entrepreneurs, cultivators, curators, advocates and enthusiasts. We are a diverse group of central Vermonters dedicated to bringing Vermont’s unique sense of place, ethos, and heart to the forefront of our business. Starting at home in Randolph, the center of the state, we’re aiming to become a polestar for the entire industry; a beacon for craft cannabis in the Green Mountains.

We are impressed, but not surprised at the level of dedication to the craft we are finding across our beautiful landscape. As we grow, our team will be carefully crafting and curating the finest selection of flower, edibles, tinctures and tonics to share with our community and its visitors.

Vermont’s cannabis market has proven to be a real community. We will always be a member of the mission to lift each other up; to spread our shared message which has been found to be an ancient truth: cannabis and humanity are on the same team. Cannabis and humanity are co-evolving; the human being and the cannabis plant are inextricably, and biologically linked. Within this kernel of truth is a special magic which has been hidden from the American mind for over a century. Now, all of us together are proudly bringing that magic to the fore right when we need it most.

Find Your Center

Cannabis is often best integrated into our lives with an intention of wellness, of finding center. Our goal is to help you find out if cannabis can help you find center; find your individual polestar.

We could not be more grateful to arrive at this time in Randolph. We are surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs who are hard at work chipping away at a collective goal of bringing light to the state, a big light which will emanate outwards from the geographical heart of Vermont, Randolph.

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